Cavallo Creek Farm
The Woodlands, Texas

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Training Programs


Cavallo Creek and New Day Farm is committed to not only making the best riders, but building stronger families.

We love what we do, we love where we work and it shows!

There are many training options and lesson programs available for all levels.


Collectively, Cavallo Creek and New Day Farm has about 50 years of horse experience between its' elite staff. On site, we have a permanent trainer/riding instructor, Amy Duncan, specializing in hunters, jumpers, equitation and dressage focused basic fundamental training for green horses.

Denise Frisco, owner of Cavallo Creek and importer of Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses is often availble to assist and share her European perspectives on most training situations or complications. 

Although having your own horse does catapult your learning progress, it isn't a necessity at Cavallo Creek and New Day Farm. We have many lesson horses available that are able to be leased for shows. When you are ready to step up to horse ownership, Cavallo Creek can assist in finding your perfect equine partner. Denise has an uncanny eye for finding great horses, just ask some of her clients. 

As a team, we like to show! We are not limited to only "A" Shows or local shows. We listen to the needs and desires of our riders and decide which shows suit our team throughout various stages of progress. Don't worry about running out an buying a horsetrailer, we have transportation handled.

Course Curriculum – Equine Training


At Cavallo Creek and New Day Farm the beginner and advanced riders are encouraged to advance as equestrians at their own pace. 


Topics taught at Cavallo Creek and New Day Farm include attitudes that promote horse well-being, handling and exhibition, stress, housing horses, feed, equine health and public perceptions of horses.  All lessons include knowledge in balance, horse and rider relationship, basic knowledge of horse anatomy and care.  Advanced riders also learn basic farm management, equine veterinary skills such as worming, taking temperatures, giving IV (in vein) and IM (in muscle) injections.  Also included is how to recognize and treat basic horse injuries and illness such as lameness, colic, thrush and fungus. 


New Day Farm participates in the San Jacinto Horse Association circuit of open hunter/jumper shows. We along with other Houston area barns, support and participate in 10 shows throughout the year. At the end of each season, a wonderful banquet is held to honor and congratulate all of our members on their accomplishments.  In addition to the SJHSA, we also participate in South Texas Hunter Jumper Association (STHJA), Greater Houston Hunter Jumper Association (GHHJA), and Texas Hunter Jumper Association (THJA) as well as show recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).


Students participating in the Off Premise Physical Education program will participate in a minimum of 6 horse shows per school year. All students will be required to take a minimum of 2 lessons per week which will include tacking, maintaining and riding the horse.  Along with lessons students will be involved in a minimum of 15 hours per week specifically involved in the above equine activities which will be recorded in a weekly log.  If a student misses a lesson they must make it up with in the 9 week period.


Beginners will be graded on their knowledge and ability of riding, knowledge of grooming and care horse as well as their participation in group and individual lessons.


Advanced students will be graded on horse anatomy, knowledge of farm management and the ability to teach less advanced students to groom and care for the animals.  They will also take a written final exam each semester covering the above curriculum.


Students will earn grades by keeping the weekly log, meeting minimum attendance requirement, willingness to participate in all required activities.  These will count as 50% of the final grade and the other 50% will be taken from the final written exam.


*If a student is injured during off campus P.E., they will still be required to attend lessons and will be required to help out in any way that they can.









































The Woodlands, Texas 77384 ~ 805.296.7172

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