Cavallo Creek Farm

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What "is" cavallo creek,
where did they come from?
who are they? what do they do?

Cavallo Creek Farm
Rhodesian Ridgebacks, International Equestrian School, Italian Vacations and Winery

Cavallo Creek Farm began as the creation of a courageous dreamer; "Cavallo" meaning horse in Italian and "Creek" symbolizing the thread of all life forms. Just 30 minutes north of Houston, Texas and minutes away from downtown "The Woodlands", the first property of Cavallo Creek began as an oak studded gem of a property nestled along a creek in a beautiful location. After many many hours of labor, more money than one could imagine, Cavallo Creek, situated on 7 acres was born and now had a home. 

We built a beautiful 2 story barn with 2 apartments and carved out an am
azing jumping field complete with grazing pastures for the horses. It always has been a place of peace, of solace.  Later, Cavallo Creek grew to encompass 65 more acres for riding and exploring. From there, Cavallo Creek expanded to California and now internationally into Italy where the adventure of owner Denise Frisco all began. 

Although the original property is now operated privately as a breeding and training farm we still find peace in our visits "back home". Cavallo Creek as grown to encompass a remarkable  breeding program of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in California
 as well as in cooperation with International recognized, CIAM, a top riding school in Italy, we now offer trail riding for all levels and professional riding instruction abroad and vacations at the farm in Italy. 

Denise Frisco

Owner of Cavallo Creek Farm,
Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder
Italian Riding School and Vacation Liaison,
Importer of Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses


She started out riding ponies by the age of 7, then grew into riding young horses as a pre and early teen on her grandfathers Quarter Horse ranch in Arroyo Grande, California. In her mid teens she rode in 4-H, then later started riding hunters in Southern California. It didn’t take long before she needed the savage thrill of adrenalin, so she set out to the jumper ring. She rode sales horses for a few years while working occasionally as a vet assistant at Santa Anita Racetrack. Acknowledging the trend of the Warmblood horses being imported from Europe and winning in the shows, Denise set her sights on foreign soil and before long had packed up and moved across the Atlantic.


She rode for several years in Italy competing on various horses before she settled it at a grand prix show jumping barn outside Verona, Italy. It was while in Verona she maintained riding approximately 8 horses a day and caring for millions of dollars worth of equine flesh.  After nearly 7 years in Italy, Denise became known not as an “American”, but more as a "European".

From Holland to Italy, she built a network of knowing the best show-jumping professionals and breeders in the business, from Holland to Italy. With her years of experience, she finally was ready to build her own operation, hence the building of the well constructed “Cavallo Creek Farm”, which she built to house her imported Dutch Warmbloods in addition to a few other outside show horses. Denise has always been very active in her community by donating time and is personally responsible for raising or donating over $100,000 in funds to various charities such as The Montgomery County Food Bank, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Boys and Girls Club just to name a few. 





Although the Texas farm is still vibrant with life and full of sweet whinnies, it is currently being operated as a private breeding and training facility. In 2013, when the decision was made to expand their horizons, Denise had decided to acquire a assistance in the operation of the farm while she and her family have relocated back to her roots in the beautiful San Luis Obispo area of California. There she resides with focus on her fabulous breeding program of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, planning trips to Italy for guests and riding students, is involved in a multitude of events and charities while with her dedicated husband, takes the time to provide a solid educational foundation for their children collectively through homeschooling and through the amazing guidance of the amazing SLO Classical Academy .

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