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Tuscan Italy Farm Vacations 
and Equestrian School

We love what we do, we love where we work and it shows!

Although Cavallo Creek USA is no longer offering training or boarding to the public, we have extended our hospitality and are now offering horseback riding through the countryside for all levels of riders and equestrian training abroad through the globally recognized Centro Ippico Allevamento Mustiao on the Tuscan coast of the  Mediterrean Sea in Grosseto, Italy. There are many riding excursion opportunities and lesson programs available for all levels, from beginner to World Cup Grand Prix.


Collectively, Cavallo Creek Farm and CIAM has about 80 years of horse experience between its' elite staff. On site, we have a permanent trainer/riding instructor, the World Cup Competitor Daniele Savio and her assistant trainer and International Rider Beatrice Tamagnone. Jumpers and equitation are the key focus in their program with a strong dressage focused baseline.

For your experience abroad, there is no need to have your own horse. We have many lesson horses available that will fill all levels of riding skill. If during or after your Italian Equestrian experience you should decide you would like to purchase a European Sporthorse, either Daniela of CIAM or Denise Frisco, owner of Cavallo Creek can assist in finding your perfect European equine athlete to bring home. Denise is a long time importer of European and Dutch Warmblood Sporthorses who can organize transportation and documentation for the voyage home to the USA. Denise has an uncanny eye for finding great horses and knows where to find them.

As a team, we are able to offer the most amazing Italian experience. 
Accommodations are available for a weekend and up to a year or more. Families, schools, groups and trainers are definitely welcome. We are proud to offer Chicco Magico, an incredible 5 star restaurant on site overlooking the jumping arena nestled among the vineyards of Cantina Mustiaio and 2,200 acres of beautiful Tuscan hillside filled with olive orchards, hay fields, a nursery, a professional soccer field. This land belongs to the Countess Anna Maria Spada, the mother of the 3 siblings that run this amazing Italian family legacy of being the largest family owned original ranch in all of Italy. 


At Cavallo Creek Italy and CIAM the beginner and advanced riders are encouraged to advance as equestrians at their own pace. Topics taught at CIAM include attitudes that promote horse well-being, handling and exhibition, stress, housing horses, feed, equine health and public perceptions of horses.  All lessons include knowledge in balance, horse and rider relationship, basic knowledge of horse anatomy and care.  Advanced riders also learn basic farm management, equine veterinary skills such as worming, taking temperatures, giving IV (in vein) and IM (in muscle) injections.  Also included is how to recognize and treat basic horse injuries and illness such as lameness, colic, thrush and fungus.  


Accommodations can be booked directly through Denise Frisco or through the website at Corte Degli Ulivi.


There are many things to do while in Italy, we can offer guidance on how to plan your trip so that you can maximize all there is to see and do in this beautiful area. Fun for the entire family! Truly the time of your life!








































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